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My “SWAT” team (3-5th grade students who work to advance technology in the building) have spent some of their summer time exploring WeVideo and are ready share some of their practice videos. They want to build a Google Site with the videos, but they have noticed they can’t save their work to Google Drive. Is this a functionality that is defaulted off, or is it one that might be a district decision? Thanks!

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Thanks for this questions @ksweisen. Here’s an article in our support center with more details on how to export media and the options available. I hope this helps!

Thanks @jeremie.gluckman. I think options were turned off at the district, so I’ll try to work through our tech dept (once things calm down!). Right now my students are creating their projects in our group, and that is a good start for us. :slight_smile:

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Great :star_struck: Glad this worked out!